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Chapter 1

1.Explain the significance of the following names of Krsna used in ch. 1:
Acyuta, Govinda, Madhava, Hrsikesa. (refer to purports 15, 21-22, 24, 32-35, 36)

2. Who among the following warriors are in the Kaurava’s party? (Refer to verses 3-19, 9p)
Somadatta, Vikarna, Kuntibhoja, Yudhamanyu, Krpa, Jayadratha, Dhrstaketu, Yuyudhana, Krtavarma, Sikhandi, Dhrstadyumna, Satyaki, Uttamauja, Kasiraja, Bhurisrava.

3. Who are the six kinds of aggressors fit to be killed?

4.Give two examples of Duryodhana’s attempt to inspire his army by using diplomacy (verses 3-12).

5.Explain how killing of elders leads to chaos in society, based on Arjuna’s argument in this chapter. (verses 39-42)

6.Match the following:
(a) Pancajanya 1. Yudhisthira
(b) Sughosha 2. Krsna
(c) Manipushpaka 3. Bhima
(d) Varnasankarah 4. son of Kunti
(e) Bhisma 5. brother of Draupadi
(f) Partha 6. Nakula
(g) Dhrstadyumna 7. Sahadeva
(h) Sanjaya 8. unwanted progeny
(i) Abhimanyu 9. father of Dhrtarastra, Pandu & Vidura
(j) Vyasadeva 10. son of Arjuna
11. grandfather of Duryodhana
12. secretary of Arjuna’s uncle

(answers in peeking!!)
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